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EZ Lessons, the simplest and easiest way to learn French and Spanish.

Whether it is to help you in your Studies, or in School support for children and adolescents, the desire to Immigrate to a French-speaking country, maybe also only the need to practice in Conversation, for Work, but as well as your Personal pleasure.

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This book has been written to learn French (FLE) in the simplest way possible. It will follow the theoretical points and then put them into practice with the exercises that follow the lessons. You will also find vocabulary sheets and 4 tests to assess your level. At the end of the book are all the answers to the exercises and exams. It is written in Spanish, so it is aimed at a Spanish-speaking audience.

179 pages, 42 grammar points, 16 conjugation points, 35 vocabulary points, 4 oral readings/comprehensions, 71 exercices, And all the corrections, 4 exams, All audios

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